The contents of this page should help you review Chemistry 11 concepts. Every student is expected to contribute to this page.

Ms. Bains:
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Study Guide for Final Exam.doc
Chem 11 Final Exam Review.pdf
Chem 11 Final Exam Review (key).pdf (there are some typos on this key)

Said Noori: I found a good website that got workheets and final review...

Mystica: Well here are a couple of sites that I found helpful while studying for the gas unit & the atomic structure one. Hopefully you will find this helpful, & I hope that this is the type of contribution that Ms. Bains was looking for.
Gases: http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/science/edexcel/chemicalreactions/preparinggasesrev_print.shtml
Atomic Structure/Electron configuration: http://abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/cosmo/lectures/lec07.html

Jessica Louie (Block B): Here is a teacher's website that has some really good review material. There is also a Final exam package on the bottom of the page. http://members.shaw.ca/mrkwan/
This site has lots of quizzes and other activities related to chemistry. Some of the quizzes are a little too simple for chem. 11, but others like the percent composition quiz are of topics that we learned in class. http://www.syvum.com/squizzes/chem/index.htm

Suwon Lee (Block.B) ---- This is a website that has assignments for every units in Chemistry 11 curriculum. The answers are right on the assignments with the questions, but you can still do the questions on your own and see if the answers are correct.
I'm not sure if there are questions on the Final Exam on Gas, but there are no questions for Gas Unit on this website. Hope this site helps ---- http://www.wjmouat.com/Teachers/BHutchinson/Chemistry/Chem11main.html

Anya Riback: This website has definitions, notes, practice questions from everyhing we have done in chem 11.
[[http://www.sparknotes.com/chemistry/|http://www.sparknotes.com/chemistry/ ]] Also this is another teachers website which has online quizzes, notes worksheets, etc [[http://public.sd38.bc.ca/~lbaverstock/chem11/chem11.htm
Colby: This is a link to a website that has notes, questions, and answer keys of some of the units we learned about throughout the semester. Hope this helps everyone! http://herh.ccrsb.ca/staff/FarrellL/downloads11.htm

Alanna: This website has powerpoints, worksheets, assignments and notes from everything we learned in the course

Charmaine: This website contains a review for everything we have learned this semester in chemisty!
starting from Safety all the way through to Organic Chemistry. It also includes a giant course review at the
bottom of the page and a study guide and the answers for all the worksheets with the work too!
It is also specifically designed for students in chemistry 11 in BC.

here is some worksheets with answers attached and some websites that may be helpful!
- http://members.shaw.ca/mrkwan/chemistry11/Final%20Exam%20Review%20Packag

- http://colgurchemistry.com/Chem11/Study%20Guide%20for%20Final%20Exam.pdf -
- http://www.ewan.ca/school/grade12/ws/chem11final.pdf -

Sharon Shen:
-some notes and exercises

Kenneth Yeung
- A past paper from ADELAIDE HIGH SCHOOL in 2002 past paper

Lenox Chew
Here's a site with question generators that are related to lots of the topics we covered in Chemistry 11

Jane Zhang: I found an awesome website with worksheets that have notes AND questions together, section by section. Topics include everything from sig figs to organic chemistry.
PLUS... there's a cool elements song to entertain you while studying!! =D

AJ Johal: I found some good practice final exams but there is some stuff we didn't cover on them...

Steven Liu (Block B) : I found a good website pdf file about the final exam, lots of review questions. The second website is a 2007 version final exam.

Adam Yu: I found a chemistry 11 finals:

Salman Khan: found a funsheet for molarity and dilutions and other site has slideshow which covers pretty much everything

Curtis Tiu: Some review of the exam in multiple choice http://chemistry.boisestate.edu/people/richardbanks/organic/mc/mcquestions317.htm

Jimmy Lou: found some website which might prove helpful to study ;)
Naming formula and compound: http://colgurchemistry.com/Chem11/pdfs/Unit%204%20Outline.pdf
Solution chemistry: http://colgurchemistry.com/Chem11/pdfs/Unit9ReviewPDF.pdf

Raman Kandola: This is a Chem 11 practice final that I found. It's 40 questions multiple choice.

Alysha da Silva: Chem final exam, with the answers at the bottom of the page.